Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sunflowers and monsoon clouds
Buffalo Park, Flagstaff

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Or, well, planning on packing. I have one project left (working in a burn area in Prescott National Forest) which comes back on the 3rd, and then I get picked up on the 4th for a week at Capitol Reef. Everything needs to fit into my ex’s car, and then I have to fit stuff for the next 6 months across various climates and seasons into one 35 litre backpack. Damn. I made a little list on a post-it of things I think I will take, although I might have to cut back once I see what actually fits. Europe in the winter not going to be as easy as traveling in tropical regions, plus I want to hang out with friends, go out, and generally live my life as I normally would. To me that means packing things that I enjoy wearing and go with my style, not just standard crusty backpacker fare.

So far for miscellaneous items I’ve got:-sleeping bag (rated to 30F/0C), it’s light and compacts nicely
-travel towel
-travel lock
-soap + soap case + korean scrubby mit + toothpaste + toothbrush
-nalgene 1.5 litre water bottle
-small day pack
-nail clippers
-hair ties
-notebook + pen(s)
-camera + charger + memory cards (no adapter needed since I got it in Korea)
-smartphone + charger, European phone + charger (again no adapter needed)
-carabiner(s) (mine has a bottle opener incorporated)
-wallet + passport (duh)
-extra body jewelry (I lose that shit like nobody’s business)
-maybe some clean shampoo bottles with a little something in them to make the flight more exciting…I’ve stopped shampooing my hair but I haven’t stopped enjoying a good drink on a plane

Clothing items:
-warm hat x2 (I like hats, what can I say)
-gloves x2 (can’t decide between dexterity vs. warm and fluffy)
-undies x4 
-pants x3 (normally I would say this is excessive but I’m planning one pair comfy yet stylish jeans, one pair corduroys for when I’m freezing my ass off, and one pair of ridiculously bright pants for going out)
-rain jacket
-undershirts x2 (good under vests on hot days and everything else on cold ones)
-long sleeve button down x2 (one flannel one normal)
-basketball shorts (also double as pajama bottoms)
-socks x5 (2 pairs thick smartwool, 2 pairs thinner smartwool, 1 pair cotton)
-vests (waistcoats) x3 (this may sound like a ridic amount of vests but in lieu of a winter coat I’m bringing a down vest to layer with the hoodie and flannel, a denim vest with great inside pockets for carrying my passport and because I like looking punk sometimes, sue me, and a classy vest for going out)
-(faux) leather jacket (I just love wearing this thing, we’ve become one, also wears well over a hoodie for extra warmth)
-sunglasses x2 
-Docs + sneakers (normally I would absolutely advise against 2 pairs of shoes but my conundrum is that I love my boots to death and they’re comfy up to a point but after that point I just need sneakers. I’m also debating sandals but I feel it’s going to be colder than not out there, hell it’s already too cold for sandals on cloudy days in northern Arizona, and I can just buy some when I get to warm places if necessary).
-bathing suit?? I feel like I should bring it for going to hot springs. We’ll see what space dictates.

When the time comes to actually pack I’ll take a picture of all this laid out and then see if I can manage to squish it into my pack!

Also, things I can buy there: sunblock, lighter, knife.

More northern Arizona wildflowers
(taken near Flagstaff)

Arizona Skies

Monday, August 25, 2014

Clouds by the I-40 
Petrified Forest National Park


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wildflowers of northern Arizona
(as seen around Flagstaff)

Storm clouds - Petrified Forest NP

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sunrise- Petrified Forest NP

Petrified Forest National Park (or, as we affectionately call it, P. Fo)